The I & D Section has the responsibility for monitoring, reporting, and coordinating suppression of endemic pests affecting forest trees in South Carolina. I&D also works closely with Christmas tree growers, nurseries growing forest tree seedlings, seed orchards producing tree seed and urban areas with tree pest problems. Close cooperation is maintained with the U.S. Forest Service and other Federal and State agencies such as the Bureau of Plant Industries.

The Insect and Disease Section also operates a laboratory for free diagnosis of insects and disease affecting forest resources in the State. Samples for diagnosis are submitted by South Carolina Forestry Commission personnel and various private individuals. To obtain more information about the laboratory and sample submission contact the Insect and Disease Staff.

SCFC supports Southern Group of State Foresters' position on 'pine decline'
The overall health of southern pines is strong and resilient. Productivity in loblolly pine continues to increase, while major efforts to restore longleaf and shortleaf pine habitat on appropriate sites are ongoing. The pine decline issue should be used by forest health specialists to discuss forest health and resiliency issues with managers, consolidate what we know and don’t know about southern pine management and springboard thoughtful research to tackle difficult questions. It should not be used to spread fear and uncertainty about time-tested silvicultural practices that have had demonstrably positive impacts on forestland throughout the Southeastern United States.
–excerpted from the Southern Group of State Foresters' position statement