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Consulting Foresters


A qualified competent consulting forester can be an invaluable asset to forest landowners. Such a professional can help you identify and realize forest management goals, maximize your returns from sale of forest products, and can provide personal attention to your forestry efforts. Selecting the right professional consulting forester is, therefore, of utmost importance to the landowner. Information is the key to selecting a consultant who meets your needs; don't hesitate to ask about:

  1. Professional Qualifications:
    • Education/Degree obtained
    • S.C. Forester's Registration Number*
    • Professional organizations (i.e. Association of Consulting Foresters - opens in a new window)
    • Experience in woodland management
  2. Can you provide management service other than timber sales?
    • Reforestation
    • Prescribed burning
    • Financial and tax advice
    • Firebreak and road establishment
    • Appraisals
    • Wildlife habitat improvement
  3. Will you prepare a written comprehensive Stewardship Management Plan for my property?
  4. Does your timber sale service include:
    • Location and marking of property lines prior to the sale Volume estimates and volume appraisals of timber to be cut
    • Advertisement to all potential buyers
    • Developing and enforcing a cutting contract
    • Close monitoring of all cutting operations.
  5. Will you give personal attention to all forestry-related transactions on my property?
  6. Will you provide local references from your clients who have forestry interests similar to mine?
  7. What is your fee schedule?
  8. Do you have associations or economic interests in any forest related business which might conflict with my interests as your client?
  9. If others on your staff will provide some of the services listed above, give that person's qualifications:
    • Education/Degree obtained
    • S.C. Forester's Registration Number* (if applicable) Professional organizations
    • Experience in woodland management

*According to South Carolina law, a person must qualify under one of the following provisions to obtain a Forester's Registration:

  1. Possess a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry from an accredited college or university, have two years experience in forestry work and after June 1, 1991 pass the S.C. Forester's Registration Examination.
  2. Have six years of forestry experience and pass the S.C. Forester's Registration Examination.
  3. Have been actively involved in forestry work prior to enactment of the registration law (Grandfather clause registration).

Forest Management