Urban Forestry

Other Urban Forestry and Tree Related Websites

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http://www.treessc.org TreesSC provides educational events for urban forestry professionals.

http://www.gicinc.org/index.htm The Green Infrastructure Center maps, evaluates and makes plans to conserve natural resources for communities.

http://www.clemson.edu/public/champtree/ Listing of the largest known trees in South Carolina, by species

www.invasive.org   Information on invasive species, including plants, animals and other organisms

www.bugwood.org  University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health.

www.forestryimages.org/urban.cfm  Photo library of trees, insects, diseases, tree problems, etc.

www.arbor-day.org Arbor Day Foundation web site.  Information on tree care and the Tree City USA, Tree Campus USA and Tree Line USA programs and sample tree ordinance.

www.InterfaceSouth.org/  Issues of the wildland/urban interface.

http://sti.clemson.edu     Strom Thurmond Institute, Clemson’s public policy research institute.

www.sccsc.edu/academics/programs/hort  Spartanburg Community College Horticulture Program.

www.isa-arbor.com      International  Society of Arboriculture:  tree care information, find an arborist, verify a Certified Arborist.

www.treesaregood.org  The consumer web site of the International Society of Arboriculture, with tree care brochures in .pdf format.

www.treessc.org/  Trees South Carolina’s home page—the state’s tree advocacy organization.

www.clemson.edu/extfor/publications/bul117/   Familiar Trees of South Carolina booklet, now on line.

http://hort.ufl.edu/woody/  University of Florida woody plant site, featuring Dr. Ed Gilman’s publications and PowerPoints.

www.warnell.uga/outreach/pubs/for  University of Georgia’s forestry school site, featuring Dr. Kim Coder’s publications.

www.greenhealth.washington.edu also www.naturewithin.info/   Human Dimensions of Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, featuring research by Dr. Kathleen Wolf.

http://itreetools.org        Suite of free software tools released by the US Forest Service.

www.ces.ncsu.edu/fletcher/programs/nursery/ncutep/  The North Carolina State urban tree evaluation program.

http://cwp.org/documents  Center for Watershed Protection, Urban Watershed Forestry Manual

http://media.clemson.edu/public/restoration/carolina%20clear/toolbox/publication_raingardenmanual_022709b.pdf  Rain Garden Manual for South Carolina

www.hort.cornell.edu/uhi/  Cornell University site, including Recommended Urban Trees: site assessment and tree selection for stress tolerance.  Research by Dr. Nina Bassuk.

www.usna.usda.gov/Research/Herbarium/Lagerstroemia/Checklist_G.html  National Arboretum’s Crapemyrtle Checklist.

www.treelink.org  Urban forestry information and networking opportunities.

www.fs.fed.us/ucf/  US Forest Service urban forestry web site.

http://www.gfc.state.ga.us/ Georgia Forestry Commission

Urban Forestry